Using art to make the world a better place has been a long time goal of mine for Kieutie Pie. There are so many options to give, it was difficult to decide where to start. In 2017, a fateful trip to New Zealand with my friends Monika and Melissa brought me to the Auckland Zoo. That's where I met a baby Kiwi bird for the first time, and fell in love. 

At some point in the trip, it was mentioned that the Kiwi is such a symbol of New Zealand that the people refer to themselves as Kiwi... and what does it say about the people if they let their national symbol go extinct? 

That really stuck with me. I thought on it for a long time before reaching out to the zoo to see if there was any way I could help out. They told me about the Conservation Fund and how this helps the Kiwis, and also many other animals also in need of support. In November 2018, we made a few Kiwi cartoons together to help spread awareness while introducing some Maori words as well! 

If you like what we're up to, please visit my Etsy Shop or the Auckland Zoo Conservation Fund website to learn more about their efforts - or donate directly!

Some reasons this felt right for Kieutie Pie:
  1. It's personal! I grew up with the nickname, "Kiwi" and joked for months after going to the zoo that life is all downhill after holding a Kiwi because I was so happy in that moment.

  2. It's relevant! I wanted my art to be connected to the charity I eventually chose. Since my illustrations are heavily animal focused, and I even already had a Kiwi print before going to the zoo, it felt like a good fit! 

  3. It's NOT personal! This is a funny one and the hardest for me to explain. I like the idea of supporting something a world away. For me, it's a reminder to think beyond myself, that there is an entire world out there with unique struggles. It's a reminder to expand my world view.

  4. Hopefully... we all win! My goal is to be able to fund monthly donations to the Conservation Fund off of art sales alone. 

    • For the zoo, all donations help! If i'm raising money and awareness, that hopefully helps the staff continue to focus on their rescue and research.

    • For me, it fulfills my goal of using art to do some good, and to keep myself motivated to continue creating and focused on priorities.

    • For my customers, it's an easy hassle free way to make a difference! You just shop as usual and cute little animals a world away get a chance to live!